Sep 262015


game plan

Attention All Cougars, the GAME PLAN is coming to Erie Avenue!!!! The first of two important assemblies for ALL Clark Student-Athletes (in-season and out of season) is this Friday after school 2:45pm-3:30pm @ Clark Gymnasium.

The “Game Plan” is is a non-profit organization founded by Moeller grad Troy Tuck.  Gameplan is a non-profit organization that seeks to give student-athletes opportunities such as life coaching, mentoring, position specific athletic camps and tutoring for academics.  The mission is not just preparation for college, but for the game of life.  Gameplan aims to prepare students-athletes for the “game of life” through personal life stories and experiences from former collegiate athletes who have walked in your child’s shoes and ran on the same fields and courts that your student-athletes have.  The organization has created an opportunity that affords student-athletes a chance to extend their education, possibly continue to play a sport and give back locally to the community.

The Fall assembly will feature former Boston College Football player Jermaine Monk.  He will speak about his story and will cover setting goals, attitude, motivation, and how to establish ones own self identify.  Though this assembly is geared toward student-athletes, ALL Clark students, coaches, teachers/staff, parents, & alumni are welcome to attend the free assembly. Extracurricular bus passes will be given out to any student who needs transportation home.

For more information or questions, contact Aaron Zupka, Athletic Director, at or 513-363-7014.

To learn more about the GAME PLAN, check out the links below.


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