Cougar Athletes at the Next Level





Cazaray Bell, UC Clermont College (Men’s Basketball, Class of 2016)

Damion Blythe, Cincinnati Christian University (Football, Class of 2016)

Micah Blythe, Cincinnati Christian University (Football, Class of 2016)

Bryce Butler, Alderson Broaddus College (Men’s Basketball, Class of 2016)

Mosi Daniel, Marietta College (Men’s Basketball, Class of 2016)

Orion Williams, Tiffin University (Men’s Soccer, Class of 2016)

Raheem Dotson, Mount St. Joseph’s University (Football, Class of 2015)

Xavier Ferguson, Ellsworth Community College (Football, Class of 2015)

Marihelen Gallagher, DePauw University (Women’s Swimming, Class of 2015)

Kevin Haid, Miami University Hamilton (OH) (Baseball, Class of 2015)

Paris Hill Jr., Cincinnati Christian University (Baseball, Class of 2015)

Kevin Lewis, Wilmington College (Men’s Basketball, Class of 2015)

Torraye Shattuck, Miami-Middletown University (Men’s Basketball, Class of 2015)

Jalen Terry, Mount Aloysius College (Men’s Soccer, Class of 2015)

Jacklyn Watson, Alabama State (Women’s Soccer, Class of 2015)

Jayla Watson, Alabama State (Women’s Soccer, Class of 2015)

Joe Gallagher, DePauw University (Men’s Soccer, Class of 2014)

Malik Rhodes, Coastal Prep. Academy (Men’s Basketball, Class of 2014)

Noah Wesley-Chevalier, Centre College (Men’s Soccer, Class of 2014)

Jordan Terry, Mount Aloysius College (Men’s Soccer, Class of 2014)

Jordan Whaley-Watson, Kentucky State University (Football, Class of 2014)

Alexa Grace, Transylvania University (Women’s Soccer, Class of 2013)

Brea Lowe, Cheyney University (Women’s Volleyball, Class of 2013)

Janay Wright-Parks, West Virginia Technical Institute (Women’s Swimming, Class of 2013)

Morgan Carter, Northern Kentucky University (Women’s Track & Field, Class of 2012)

Ben Deering, College of Wooster (Men’s Soccer, Class of 2012)

Sjaya Hopkins, University of Cincinnati (Women’s Track & Field, Class of 2012)

Nick Kammerer, Transylvania University (Men’s Soccer, Class of 2012)

Jabryel Reed, Clark University (Dayton) (Men’s Basketball, Class of 2012)

Annie Sostock, Covenant College (Women’s Soccer, Class of 2012)

Paul Woodson, Lincoln Memorial University (Men’s Basketball, Class of 2012)

Ashford Chenault, Kentucky State (Football, Class of 2011)

Nina McGee, University of Denver (Women’s Gymnastics, Class of 2011)

CJ Taylor, Miami University-Middletown (Men’s Basketball, Class of 2011)

Al Upshaw, Thomas More College (Football/Men’s Basketball, Class of 2011)

Ben Vissing, Mount Saint Joseph’s University (Men’s Soccer, Class of 2011)

Calen Settles, Miami University (OH) (Men’s Track & Field, Class of 2010)

Will Simpson, Muskingum (Baseball, Class of 2010)

Bryan Berry, Kentucky State University (Baseball, Class of 2009)

Brendan Lyshe, University of Cincinnati (Men’s Track & Field, Class of 2009)

Ernest Smith, Georgetown College (Football, Class of 2009)

Ross Battoclette, Calvin College (Men’s Swimming, Class of 2008)

Iiyob Howard, Wilmington College (Football, Class of 2008)

Delaney Krisel, Cornell College (Women’s Soccer, Class of 2008)

Jessica West, Cumberland University (Women’s Soccer, Class of 2008)

Diondra Holiday, Northern Kentucky University (Women’s Basketball, Class of 2007)

Ashley Keith, UC Clermont (Women’s Basketball, Class of 2007)

Chad Schubert, Anderson University (Men’s Soccer, Class of 2006)

John Wallace, Thomas More College (Men’s Soccer, Class of 2006)

Imani Rogers, Alabama State University (Women’s Basketball, Class of 2005)

Jeannetta Jackson, Fisk University (Women’s Volleyball, Class of 2004)

Jessica Smith, Urbana University (Women’s Soccer, Class of 2004)

Hilary Steele, Urbana University (Women’s Soccer, Class of 2004)

Jenna Laumer, Warren Wilson College (Women’s Soccer, Class of 2001)

Anna Battoclette, Calvin College (Women’s Diving, Class of 2001)

Other Clark Student Athletes we missed, contact Aaron Zupka (AD) at or 513-363-7014